Owl Spirit Animal Leotards

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A symbol for times of change, and representing intuition and seeing through deceit, the Owl Spirit Animal brings wisdom to our lives when we need it most. We can't think of a better way to bring some positive changes in your life than joining the FoL community!

ॐ Our leotards are made from the finest blended materials in the USA to ensure complete comfort all while being a perfect fit for any swimming activity. The blend also provides you with amazing strength and stretchability for a leotard that will endure and #namaslay your active lifestyle! ॐ

• 82% Polyester, 18% Spandex
• Chlorine-resistant fabric for when you need to take a dip to cool off
• Cheeky fit with a scoop neckline and a low scoop back
• Zig-zag stitching

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Perfect for warmer temps

Made from the same amazing fabric as their leggings these cute and super flattering leotards are a new fav of mine!

So happy to hear you are loving your new leotard! - Namaste :D