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Our Goals

Achieving our goals isn't a must, but it always a good idea to outline your goals in life and this is especially true in business. We believe in transparency and outlining our goals to our community will help us in achieving them, and bring awareness to causes that may otherwise be overlooked. 

Our Short-term Goals

❤️ Continue to provide new and exciting designs for active wear, clothing, and other mediums for our community to enjoy and love.

❤️ Create a platform where artists can submit artwork for review and the possibility of being launched under our brand for others to enjoy and/or wear. 

❤️ Set up a monthly donation of $100 on top of our $1 from every sale to build wells and water projects in impoverished nations. You can find more information on who we primarily work with here - https://thewaterproject.org

❤️ Brand exposure events at various art and musical festivals, yoga events, and more. This will include providing accommodations for some of our ambassadors to attend these events.

Our Long-term Goals

❤️ Move our entire product line-up and operations to sustainable resources. This includes textiles like organic cotton grown in the USA, hemp, bamboo, and water-based inks.

❤️ Continual donations and fundraisers for The Water Project. We would like to sponsor fundraisers regularly for entire water and well projects in the next 5 years.

❤️ Create the FoL Foundation were like-minded businesses based on giving back to the community can cooperate together for larger fundraisers, collaborations, and funding start-ups. Our first venture in this will be the small profitable farms built around educating our future farmers that is outlined in our last goal.

❤️ Create a place where those who are passionate about sustainability practices can go and learn how to become self-sustained and provide fresh produce and clean energy for themselves and their community. Investing in our future farmers is crucial to the survival of our species and doing this with sustainable practices is vital to our continued existence. We would love to create four of these locations - One in each of the United States, South America, Europe, and Asia. These locations will also provide free workshops for children to come and learn sustainability practices.