Flower of Life

The flower of life is a symbol - and in its many variations - that can be found all over the world and dates back to as early as the 8th century BC (as far as we know). You can find it in temples, decorating sculptures and statues, and even in Leonardo Da Vinci's notebook.

The symbol is created from overlapping circles that interlink by touching the previous circle's diameter (or origin). Once it is completed, you can find all the sacred geometric shapes and platonic solids perfectly imposed on to this beautiful image. The pattern can essentially go on forever and it is called the "blueprints of reality" because of this. You can find many examples of this with a simple google search, and it is also the basis for which we created our logo and company name.

There are many esoteric theories and views as to what this image represents, but the one we choose to believe - and why we chose this symbol for our company - is its representation of reality and the spiritual essence that permeates through all things and our desire to continue to grow and expand as the Flower of Life does..

We encourage you to explore all the theories surrounding this magnificent image and hope you learn to love the image and what it represents to you as we have.