Featured Items

All of our items that are designed by artists are for sale for a limited time. This excludes solid and gradient patterns range. What this means is that once we have sold 100 pieces designed by one of our artists the item is discontinued and room is made for new items.

We have decided to do this for numerous reasons. We believe that our artists deserve more than just a few pieces that will stay in the catalog indefinitely. This allows us to continue to pay them for their amazing work and step away from the saying, "A starving artist," and more importantly this also allows them to continue to create the amazing designs that you love.

This allows us to circulate new artists in easily and keep our catalog fresh, always. This means we will always have new and exciting artwork for you to enjoy, love, and something truly unique that isn't mass produced.

What does this mean for you?

The most obvious is if there something you see and love now, there is a chance that it won't be there tomorrow. We are thinking of ways to remedy this and talking to our programmers about a solution that can make everyone happy.

Most importantly, this means that our catalog will always be fresh for you. Meaning that if there is nothing that you like in our catalog, chances are, we will have something you adore shortly.


All newly released items will go on sale until the first 25 are sold (Some may remain on sale for promotional purposes), and then they will be full price until they are discontinued. If you have a discount code, that may be used for your purchase on sale items.

We believe this is the best course of action for all parties involved and we at Flower of Living, pride ourselves in setting ourselves apart from similar stores in our attempts to give credit where credit is due, to the artists, and more importantly, satisfying you the customer.

Grab your favorite items while they are on sale or miss out on a special opportunity. And as always, Find the center in you!