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Ambassador Program and Application

We are currently Not Accepting new Ambassadors at this time.

We are a brand built on community and change, and our Ambassador Program is no different. Taking input from our community, we have developed an Ambassador Program that allows us to stay connected and interact with one another in a way that brings new capabilities to our program and makes us unique in our approach while fostering our family atmosphere.

This all gives us a strong platform to promote our causes as well as building our community around a strong family core, our Ambassadors. This also gives all of our Ambassadors exclusive access to the FoL Team to communicate with. All of this while bringing some of the most affordable, best performing, attractive and thought-provoking activewear in the industry.

We recruit Ambassadors during what we call “Growth Cycles.” Staying in tune with Mother Earth, these Growth Cycles coincide with the Solstices and Equinoxes. (We have a lot of gardeners in the community ;) )

So what do you need to do in order to be an Ambassador?

Read the requirements, fill out the form, and we will get back to you. Simple as that. :) If you are accepted, you MUST be willing to communicate with the group you are assigned to.

What are some of the perks?

-40% off on our entire catalog the entire time you are an Ambassador. Yeah. That’s right.

-A 20% discount for friends and family.

-Ability to preorder items before they launch to the public.

-Exclusive access to the FoL Team and your fellow Ambassadors. Learn about new designs before the public, get updates on the brand’s direction, participate in brand polls on designs and more, or just hang out and chat with us about yoga, sustainable practices, and namaslayin’!

Requirements to become an Ambassadors:

-Consistent Wifi access and smartphone

-18 years or older

-Commit to one full term

-Communicate with your group and assigned Om-bassador when required.

-Have a public IG page with a general theme on healthy lifestyle choices - conscious foodies are welcome!

-Use relevant #hashtags when wearing FoL Wear

-Post on Growth Days in your FoL Wear. (It doesn’t have to be exclusively FoL Wear but this does mean you need to buy at least one piece of clothing to continue in the program.)


Wait!? ‘Om’bassador!? What is this? These are Ambassadors that have walked the yogi mile, grounded their root chakra, and have taken the next step in our program. These are picked by the Social Media Manager and Owner to help organize the community and are given a strong influence on the direction of the brand. The core of our family atmosphere.

Perks to being a ‘Om’bassador:

-Input on the Brand direction and future designs.

-Private ‘Om’bassador chat to coordinate with other ‘Om’bassadors on Brand Challenges, Meet-Ups, and More.

Along with all the normal duties of the Ambassador, the ‘Om’bassadors:

-Needs to have been an Ambassador during a previous Growth Cycle

-Needs to be capable of being a group leader, welcoming and mentoring new Ambassadors.

-Needs to be capable of hosting Brand Yoga Challenges when products are made available.

-Needs to host and communicate with their group on Instagram.