About Us

We believe in helping you find the center in you, and one of the ways we feel we can help you accomplish your goals is making the best items available to you for your healthy lifestyle choices.

Whether you are a seasoned yoga practitioner, a beginner going to your first hot yoga class, or a meditation enthusiast, we aim to provide the best one-stop shop for all of your needs.

Our founder found peace and serenity in yoga and daily meditations after a rock climbing accident that found him bedridden with three broken vertebrae. Doctors informed him that he would be in pain for the rest of his life, and the only way that he would find any comfort would be through expensive surgeries and medication that he couldn't afford.

Not liking the thought of surgeries and living in constant pain, he began his life-long research into the metaphysical and healthy lifestyle changes to find his own prescription to his ailments.

Through yoga and meditation, he is happy to report that there is no longer any pain, and the compression fracture he once had has healed to a state of nearly being as it was before his accident. He contributes this to his passions, and they have saved him from costly medical bills.

We invite you to the joys that yoga, meditation, and healthy lifestyle choices can bring you, and encourage you to take every step in your journey with love and compassion for your friends, family, oneness, and most important, love for yourself.